what is the Emmaus Pastoral residency?

The Emmaus Pastoral Residency exists to see God glorified and churches multiplied by raising up gospel-saturated men to shepherd and lead churches to declare and display the gospel through pastoral training and equipping.

The Emmaus Pastoral Residency (EPR) is two years of pastoral training and equipping with an additional period of testing that will be unique to each Resident. Throughout the two years of training Residents will go through equipping designed to increase competency in many aspects of pastoral ministry. Residents will be trained in hopes to obtain a gospel-fluency in matters of the head, the heart, and the hands.

The end goal of EPR is the glory of God. As the mission statements says, Emmaus Church desires to see God glorified. We hope to see graduates of EPR plant churches, replant dying churches, pastor existing churches, become non- vocational pastors of churches, and many other ventures. We believe that the end of all of these endeavors must be the glory of God. So then, when Residents are reading, writing, preaching, praying, they are not just doing so to become better pastors; they are doing so to ultimately bring glory to God.


Do I have to be a member of Emmaus to be a Resident?

  • Yes. Each Resident must be a member of Emmaus Church. A major benefit to EPR is that the Elders and other Residents get to walk through life with you for a few years. This allows you to be known in such a way that strengths can be highlighted and weaknesses can be exposed. The relational aspect of the Residency is one that cannot be taken away. Jonathan Leeman says, “Pastors are exceptional church members.” By being a member with us for 2 years, we get to see how well you “member”.

I’m not sure if I’m called to be a lead pastor, can I still apply?

  • Yes. The Residency is to train pastors for gospel work to the glory of God. We feel as if EPR is broad enough that this could include lay-Elders, administrative pastors, worship pastors, missionaries, planters, etc. So, while we make sure that each applicant “desires the office” we don’t only accept those who desire the office of lead pastor.

Do I have to be in school? What if I’m in school?

  • You do not have to be in school to participate in EPR. Many of our Residents either have a bachelors or Masters degree in Biblical Studies or Ministry or are currently in those programs. Yet, this is not a requirement. Many pastors feel called to ministry later in life or after pursuing a different career, this is no less of a calling. EPR was created to train pastors for the Church, not to assist college or seminary students in learning more.
However, if you are in school, this is not a deterrent either. We believe that the best form of pastoral/theological education and equipping happens within the church, not outside. It is one thing to learn about the pastorate in the classroom, it is a much more fulfilling endeavor to learn about the pastorate in an environment where you are dealing with real people and real stories.

Is there a minimum age requirement to apply for EPR?

  • There is not. However, at the end of a successfully completed EPR, Emmaus will ordain the Resident and therefore life circumstance should and will be considered. While the age of an applicant won’t be the determining factor in acceptance or denial it will be considered. Currently, our Residents range from 22 to 38.

If I complete EPR am I guaranteed a pastorate/eldership at Emmaus?

  • No. Not everyone who completes EPR will become an elder at Emmaus. One reason is that we do not have need of that many elders. Another is that not everyone who completes EPR and is qualified and called to pastor is a good fit for Emmaus or called to Emmaus. However, EPR will be the method to obtain Eldership at Emmaus

If I complete EPR am I guaranteed planting or pastoring a church for Emmaus?

  • No. Not all men who are called and qualified to plant a church are called to do so through Emmaus, nor would everyone be a good fit for Emmaus. We are looking for men who line up with us.

What if I don’t have two years to train, does that disqualify me?

  • Not exactly, we know that the route to pastoral ministry is not going to be the same for everyone. Therefore, the Elders reserve the right to uniquely tailor EPR for particular individuals. For instance, if someone is interested in pastoring at Emmaus and Emmaus is interested in them pastoring and they bring years of ministry experience, the program might be expedited for that individual. However, it should be said that the normality for EPR is two years of training with additional time of testing.

What is the yearly schedule for EPR?

  • The program is based on a 9 months on and 3 months off model. Residents will have June and July off as well as December. The year will start in January and end in November. Residents will have reading during the summer months but it is on their pace and there are no assignments. Application for EPR will begin in late August and interviews will take place in November.  
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What our residents are saying

I wholeheartedly believe that Emmaus Church may have had the most significant impact on my life since our move to Kansas City (and that includes doctoral training). The Pastoral Residency, along with the other residents, are a important part of that impact.

- Timothy Gatewood

These 2+ years will strengthen you in your holiness, theology, community, shepherding, and preaching. Emmaus and this Residency were the reason Kristen and I chose to come to KC. Come join us! 

- Joseph Lanier

If you desire the office of pastor, and you need training, consider moving yourself to Kansas City to train under the godly, kind, Christ-loving shepherds at Emmaus Church. Nothing has been more instrumental in my development than walking through day to day life in this church as part of their pastoral residency. Emmaus is in it for the long haul—they don't desire to train quick and impatient men who gain head knowledge or experience for the furthering of their own kingdom, but rather they spend the intentional time to prepare men for ministry by inviting them into the slower, more foundational life of the local body, intently focused on growing the kingdom of God. You won't learn church growth principles, convenient strategies, or gimmicky tricks here, but you will learn what faithfulness to the Word, the Sheep, and the Gospel means. 

- Drake Osborn

How to Apply

The Pastoral Residency begins every January. Someone may apply at any point during the year. Residents will be accepted in the month of November, prior to the start of the internship.


For more information or further questions: epr@emmauskc.com

EPR Graduates Serving in Churches

Men who graduate our residency take many different paths of ministry. Some have remained here at Emmaus to become elders, others have gone out to plant churches or pastor existing churches, while other have gone on to pursue more education/training while remaining members of Emmaus. 

Below are the men who have graduated the residency and been sent out by us to serve in churches. 

  • Samuel PARKINSON

    Kansas city, Mo

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  • Glen Higgins

    Seattle, Wa

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  • Corey Chaplin

    Bristol, RI

    Type content here...

  • Drake Osborn

    Waco, tx

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  • Adam Sanders

    Kansas City, Mo

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  • Colton Strother

    Desoto, Mo

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  • Michael Kinion

    ST Clair, Mo

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2019 Pastoral Residents

  • Jon Woods

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  • timothy Gatewood

    Type content here...

  • Jon Reed

    Type content here...

  • Ben Klar

    Type content here...

  • Nat Clements

    Type content here...

  • Alex Lewis

    Type content here...

  • Josh Brown

    Type content here...

  • Collin Campbell

    Type content here...

  • Grant Reynolds

    Type content here...

  • Sean Stone

    Type content here...

  • Tyler Swadley

    Type content here...

  • Jaylenn Wong

    Type content here...

  • Drake Burrows

    Type content here...

  • Daniel Tanner

    Type content here...

  • Lance ENglish

    Type content here...

  • samuel Womble

    Type content here...

  • Seavor Askren

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