Elder council

Elders are those mature brothers who are called, qualified, tested, and appointed to serve as overseers and under-shepherds of God's flock. The Elder Council of Emmaus leads the church primarily by public and private instruction in sound doctrine, protecting the church from false teachers, administering the sacraments, and providing spiritual care for the members of the church. Our conviction is that it is a biblical and practical blessing that the elders should lead in plurality. The elders of Emmaus may differ from one another in experience, academic credentials, and gifts, and one or two may labor more frequently in preaching than the others, but all are equal in authority and title.

  • Tyler Greene

    Pastor for Preaching and Leadership

    Tyler has been serving the church in vocational ministry since 2012. He and his family moved to Kansas City from Southwest Missouri to join Emmaus at the start of 2022. He serves full-time as the church's Pastor for Preaching and Leadership. Tyler has been married to Erin since 2009 and together they have four great kids. He is also a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Kansas City Royals, and single-origin coffee.

  • Kirk metzger

    Pastor of Adult Ministries

    Kirk serves Emmaus as a lay elder and Pastor of Adult Ministries. He has been married to Arielle since 2015 and they have three children. Kirk has completed the Emmaus Pastoral Residency, and he works as a bank analyst. Kirk enjoys coffee, reading, all things soccer, and getting outdoors for a hike or fishing trip.

  • Patrick Schreiner

    Pastor of Family Ministry and Preaching

    Patrick serves Emmaus as a lay elder and the Pastor of Family Ministry. He has been married to Hannah since 2008 and they have four children. Previously Patrick pastored in Portland, Oregon for five years and he now teaches New Testament and Biblical Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He enjoys reading, writing, nature, the mountains, the Vikings/Chiefs, the Royals, a good local restaurant, avoids places like Applebees and Cracker Barrel like the plague, and is mediocre at most any sport.

  • Sean Stone

    Pastor of Adult Ministries

    Sean serves Emmaus as a lay elder. He has been married to Ashlyn since 2013 and they have three children. Sean works for a Kansas City-based logistics company and has completed the Emmaus Pastoral Residency. Before coming to Emmaus, Sean was an associate pastor in the upstate of South Carolina. He spends his time reading, watching movies, and making his family laugh.

deacon team

Deacons are appointed by the church to be "lead servants" who excel in the work of ministry. At Emmaus, our team of deacons supports the elders by caring for the congregation practically, tangibly, and organizationally. This allows the elders to remain devoted to the ministry of the Word and prayer. Our deacons are therefore a tremendous blessing to the church.

  • Meagan Brown


  • Garrett kramer


  • Tabitha rainwater


  • Ashlyn Stone


  • Emily Tippin


  • Matt Tippin


  • Billy Wallace


Ministry Directors

Director of Women's Ministry

Erin Greene

Emmaus Men's Ministry

Kirk Metzger

Director of Emmaus Students

Mary Olubogun

Director of Musical Worship

Mason Skaggs

Emmaus Students
Sean Stone

Director of Communications

Hannah Treat

Director of Missions and Outreach

Tasha Vipond