During Covid-19, kids are welcome in the main service! Feel free to bring snacks and/or activities for them. Our pastors love "family sundays" and are accustomed to having children in the services. They will even often try to speak to Emmaus Kids during the sermons to help them get the Big Idea.

Our Emmaus Kids team has been producing videos for your children to enjoy at home during Covid-19. You can find those videos on Facebook and YouTube

Family Worship

Emmaus practices a "family equipping" philosophy of ministry. This means that it is our desire to equip parents to disciple their children and then to come along side them and help them in that discipleship process. 

One way in which we are able to equip parents to disciple their children is through resources such as family worship guides or catechisms. A catechism is simply a series of questions and answers designed to help teach our children about God.  We pray that this resource is a blessing to you as you seek to help your children know and love Jesus.