What is a covenant member?

At Emmaus, our members are those who have proclaimed faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins, professed this faith through baptism, and entered into covenant relationship with those who make up Emmaus for the purpose of declaring and displaying the gospel to each other and to the world.

When Emmaus enters into covenant membership with you, we are testifying to the best of our knowledge that you are a follower of Jesus. This should be a very encouraging affirmation! When you are doubting, when you find yourself in sin and shame, when you fear that God's salvation is not for you, covenant membership serves as a reminder that there is an entire faith family that testifies to your salvation. 

Likewise, when you are in sin, and your sinful heart refuses to repent of sin and seek forgiveness and healing, the covenant members of the church will walk with you, in grace and truth, to help you see your sin, confess your sin, and turn from your sin before it destroys you. This is an act of gracious love and one of the reasons we place so much value on covenant membership. 

For more information about connecting in Community, join us for Emmaus in Ten!

Emmaus in 10 is a short, 10-minute event designed to help you take your first steps into Community. It takes place the last Sunday of each month immediately following the worship gathering. No need to register or sign up for anything. Just show up! If you have any questions about getting connected, you can reach out to

Our membership pathway:

The membership process at Emmaus is designed to help you know us and us to know you. 

Step 1: Discover Emmaus

Discover Emmaus is designed for you to learn who we are, what we believe, and what it means to be a covenant member. It will include teaching and interaction. 

Our next Discover Emmaus Class is April 14th. You can register for the class here. Childcare will be provided.

Step 2: Membership Interview

The membership interview is a time when one of the pastors of Emmaus will meet with you personally to hear your story of life and faith. The goals of this meeting are to care for you, confirm that you are a follower of Jesus, and answer any questions that you have about our church and our beliefs.

Step 3: Covenant Signing

The covenant signing will take place at a members meeting. This is when you get to come before the church and publicly sign our membership covenant, committing yourself to us and us to you. This is a time of celebration at Emmaus. Expect applause, hugs, prayers, and new friends to come from this process. 

Covenant Members Meetings are held quarterly. 

For more information or further questions: