community groups


Community Groups exist to see the people of Emmaus Church experience gospel-centered belonging, discipleship, and commission with one another for the glory of God.

Community Groups meet regularly in homes for the primary purpose of belonging. We believe that all of us need to know and be known by each other. The deeper our connection with each other, the stronger our unity and more focused our corporate mission will become. Groups are intended to be less of an event to attend and more of a people to belong to. 

We seek to connect with each other by creating opportunities to build friendships, by sharing our stories with each other so that we know more than surface-level information, and by discussing each weeks sermon and what it looks like for us as individuals and us as a church family to apply the truths of scripture to our lives. 

As we take this journey together, we assure you that you will make new friendships, find new freedom in being known, and realize the joy of knowing and loving others. Ultimately, our groups exists to help us all love Jesus and love each other more. We'd love to have you join us this week! 

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