covid-19 notice | Summer 2020 gatherings

Until further notice, Emmaus will gather outdoors each Sunday for one service at 9am at 3500 N. Prather Rd, Kansas City, MO.  (Thank you to Faith Community Church for allowing us to use their former space). 

August/September Service Times - 9:00am ONLY outdoors (bring your own chair/blanket, water, and bug spray) We are meeting outdoors, under shade trees, all together due to growing attendance in our gatherings. A contingency plan for 3 indoor services (8am, 9:30am, and 11am) will be announced in the case of rain. In the case of a switch to three services, Community Groups will have assigned services to attend. (Click here to view those assignments by date.) Guests are welcome to attend any of the three Plan B services. 

Online Sermons:

Sermons will continue to be available on Sundays mornings online for those unable to attend. They will be live streamed starting around 9:20am (part-way into the first service) on Facebook and YouTube. Afterwards, the audio will be available on Apple Podcasts and the sermons page of our website.

Emmaus Kids: 

Due to Covid-19 safety recommendations, we are not offering Emmaus Kids on Sunday mornings. Every Sunday is Family Sunday right now! Bring your kids with you! Bring them a snack and an activity. We are used to kids being in our services. They won't disrupt our pastors. We will even take a moment in our sermons to help our kids get the Big Idea. 

Please click here for more information on Emmaus' response to COVID-19 and see the policy document for our indoor gatherings. Face masks are required for adults. 

Click here to give to the Emmaus Covid-19 Relief Fund to aid the members and community of Emmaus impacted by Covid-19. Email if you would like to be considered as a recipient for those funds. 

Treasure Jesus | Cherish the Gospel

At Emmaus Church we have no gimmicks to offer you, only the gospel. The gospel is the news that Jesus lived a perfect life without stain or trace of sin and died a death he didn't deserve so that we may have life we don't deserve. We believe that as we cherish the gospel in every area of our lives we will treasure Jesus more and more. So, without apology, we offer nothing but the gospel.

August/September 2020

9:00am Outdoors! 

3500 N. Prather Rd.

Kansas City, Missouri

*Bring your own chair or blanket! 



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The Emmaus Blog is a gospel-centered resource for the people of Emmaus. Posts are written by Emmaus members, residents, and pastors. Each post is designed to see the reader sink deeper into the liberating gospel in all areas of their life. 

The Emmaus Blog also features our weekly announcements and Looking To Sunday (a post to help you prepare for our worship gatherings). Browse around this good-news-saturated blog and come back frequently for updates.