GO School exists to see God glorified and churches multiplied by raising up

global partners to declare and display the gospel worldwide.

GO School is for those men and women wanting to be sent out for longer than a year, either as

full-time missionaries or those leveraging their careers overseas. GO School will be offered beginning in January 2022. Anyone interested in pursuing cross-cultural ministry is encouraged to enroll in GO School. This flexible training program will allow you to pursue your calling to go overseas within 1-2 years based on your current pace of life, and will be equally focused on development of the head (Know), heart (Be), and hands (Do).

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Do I have to be a member of Emmaus to go through GO School?

Yes. Each participant must be a member of Emmaus Church. A major benefit to GO School is that the Global Outreach Team and other participants get to walk through life with you during your time. This allows you to be known in such a way that strengths can be highlighted and weaknesses can be exposed. The relational aspect of GO School is one that cannot be taken away, and membership is the first step. 

I’m not sure if I’m called to be a missionary, can I still apply?

Yes. The goal of GO School is to train its students for Global Gospel work to the glory of God. This means that the curriculum is broad enough that that it can apply to the individual still working through their calling, the couple wishing to leverage their careers in an overseas context, or to the family aspiring to be”full-time” missionaries. Essentially if you want to live and labor overseas for a year or more and equally want to be sent well by Emmaus, GO School is for you. 

Do I have to be in school? What if I’m in school?

No. You do not have to be in school to participate in GO School. Many of our students either have a bachelors or Masters degree in Biblical Studies or Ministry or are currently in those programs. Yet, this is not a requirement. However, if you are in school, this is not a deterrent either. We believe that the best form of educating and equipping the saints happens within the church, not outside. GO School Participants also in school will have a tailored tract that is understanding of seminary’s demand.

Is there a minimum age requirement to apply for GO School?

No. While the age of an applicant won’t be the determining factor in acceptance or denial, their trajectory of overseas activity will be considered. Applicants desiring only participation in short term trips may be directed to other tracts, such as the GO NOW Curriculum that supplements training for our short-term trips. GO School is a “next step” for those considering a year or more overseas. 

What if I don’t have 1-2 years to train, does that disqualify me?

No. We know that the route to overseas ministry is not going to be the same for everyone. Therefore, the GO Team reserves the right to uniquely tailor GO School for particular individuals. For example,  pace of life, timeline, and work may lead a family to take 2 years to complete our process, compared to the single lady who can work through curriculum and milestones in a single year. 

What is the schedule for GO School?

The “Head” component GO School Curriculum will be mostly completion-based, however students can expect monthly tasks and responsibilities dealing more with the “heart” and the “hands”.