Discipleship Classes - 2019/2020

At Emmaus, we want to take the command of Jesus to "make disciples and teach them all that he has commanded us" seriously.  We do this through our preaching, our community groups, and now through our discipleship classes too. Each semester we will offer a series of classes designed to help you become a more faithful disciple of Jesus in specific areas of our lives.  

Classes we have offered in the past include: Introduction to Theology, How to Read the Bible, Gospel-Centered Parenting, Women's Mentoring, Men's Bible Study on Daniel, etc. 

  • Family Seminar: Marriage and Sexuality

    September 21

    Each year Emmaus offers a Family Seminar focused on a different area of marriage or parenting. This year Joshua and Tish Hedger will be leading us in a day focused on marriage and sexuality. Each year we become more aware of the brokenness couples are facing in the areas of marriage and sexuality due to sin in our own lives and sin in our world. Most couples are not equipped with a healthy biblical theology of sexuality and what a healthy biblical marriage looks like in the area of sexuality. Josh and Tish bring a unique ability to lead this seminar; Joshua has a past of sexual addiction and Tish has a past of sexual abuse. Further more, Tish is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in marriage, affair recovery, and Christian Sex Therapy. Join us for an honest, fun, and God-glorifying discussion on how to pursue biblically healthy marriage and sexuality. 

    Register Here (registration coming soon)

  • Women's Mentoring

    October 13-November 17 (Sunday kickoff followed by weekly gatherings on days and times that work for you.)

    Join a group of 4-5 women who will be gathering together each week for 6 weeks as we journey through a book of the Bible together. Mentorship will include personal study, homework, and weekly meetings. Each group will be lead by a mentor who will help the group dive into the text and apply it to our lives.  This is a great way to meet new ladies, make new friends, and grow in your understanding of all that God has taught us.  

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  • Introduction to Theology

    Coming Spring 2020.
    We are all theologians. Each of us have a concept in our minds of who God is and how God works. But is your theology biblical theology? Join us for 4 weeks of Introduction to Theology to grow in the foundational truths of scripture that shape all of our theology.  

  • Thinking Christianly

    Coming Spring 2020

    Have you ever wondered how a Christian should think about politics, death, suffering, vocation, friendship, war, etc? In Thinking Christianly we will take 4 weeks to help you gain a foundation on this very type of thinking.

  • Men's Retreat

    Coming Fall 2019

    Join us for 24 hours of friendship, fun, food, and study as we seek to grow spiritually and relationally. We’ll eat good food, play fun games, and probably laugh quite a bit as we simply take a break from life together. 50 men joined us in 2018 and we believe we'll see a great group join us again in 2019. More information is coming soon.